We go the extra mile to ensure professional delivery of services Which exceeds customer expectations Whilst making the world a better place


PJBumi is an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering and construction services provider. We emphasize on quality and on time delivery with unwavering commitment towards sustainable and evronmentally-friendly execution.PJBumi has evolved to provide the full spectrum of Engineering. Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services in wide array of industries. Among industries that we served and have since benefited from our services are:-

  • Environmental,
  • Energy and renewable energy,
  • Municipal solid waste,
  • Building services and utilities, and
  • General construction industry.

The responsibility of delivering these complex services are diffused within 3 broad group:-

The recent management take over of PJBumi has brought with them renewed vigor and pragmatism adding to reputation and ethos of the past 35 years, maintaining the same intrinsic values but moving foward with poised, dedicated and greater conviction.